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Online course “Mudras & Prana”

Start date: 7th of every month

Disease and pain in the body – by studying the body language, you can either reduce the symptom or heal yourself by getting rid of the original cause of the disease.

Stress, fatigue, insomnia – simple breathing techniques will relieve the accumulated stress during the day.

Over weight – by learning to use the Mudras correctly, 5 elements (fire, water, earth, air, ether) will be balanced and the over weight will begin to disappear gently, without harm to health.

Laziness – you will learn Mudras that naturally begin to motivate you to act and support your health.

Achieving your goal – even in this matter, the practice of Mudras will help you in the balance with nature to achieve the goals.

How to choose your Mudra – not all Mudras are recommended to practice. Understanding your body language, you can easily find out which Mudra in what situation is yours.


The online course lasts 10 days and you can rewatch (view) every video lesson lasting 30-45 minutes and practice at time convenient for you.

The final 5th lesson is a surprise, as mudras and breathing techniques will depend on the energy of the Group and its perceived material.

Course fee: 25 €.

In addition

Also, throughout the course and in future, the online course “Mudras & Prana” includes the support of a yoga expert Masha Radha, answers to questions and recommendations. Yogi is always open to communicate with you.

What is in this online course?

In the online course “Mudras & Prana”, in five lessons you will receive:

Video materials

Video materials

That you can watch whenever you want

PDF materials

PDF materials

With theory and descriptions of practices:

  • what is the Mudras, their variety and benefits;
  • what is Breath, the main techniques of breathing (pranayama) are their benefits and contraindications



We will give you homework for practice on basis of sent materials



Course includes discussion and answers to questions in the WhatsApp group or individually



Also in the online course “Mudras & Prana”, according to the Matrix of Destiny’s program, we will calculated by the date of your birth your assignment for participating in the group


Some words from our participants!

I was wondering if this course was for me because im already a yoga teacher, but i signed up because I wanted the opportunity to learn whatever I can from Radha after meeting her and seeing how much knolwedge and compassion she has.
Now after finshing i am very glad i signed up ! I learned a lot in such short time and the things I know she explaind in more details and in physical emotional energetical connection which my previous teachers did not know how to.
From the first day and through the rest of the days we received deep theoretical written material, which was very well explained with facts and metaphors and images.
The videos classes were great, Radha’s guidance is truly wonderful. I could feel the effect of the practices from the 2nd day.
As promised she was very available for group discussions and individual questions. I received her support and guidance specifically for doing this course during my pregnancy.
I highly recommend this course and I’m sure other courses by Radha and applied yoga school are also of the same high quaility, and a great source for learing and developing.
I am thankful and blessed for knowing and learning from you Radha!
Much love

Meg Landau

Meg Landau

“Who once found himself, he can not lose anything in this world. And who once understood a person in himself, he understands all people. “(Stefan Zweig)

How often you forget that YOU are the most valuable thing that exists in your world. Selfishness? Yes!!! And thanks to the course, I realized the opportunity to return to myself! Subtotal (practice according to the “Code” WISE AND BREATHING from August 21):

Purification of the physical body and mentality;

The value of memories and looking back into the library;

Awareness of all their internal organs, visualization of the processes of their own anatomy;

Improving the quality of sleep and its duration through faithful energy flows;

Desire for daily practice as a thirst.



Я прослушал этот онлайн курс, курс интересный. Тема, затронутая в нем, преподнесена грамотно и профессионально.
Я научился наконец-то правильно и наиболее полно дышать диафрагмой (нижнее дыхание). Понял значение и предназначение различных мудр, усвоил их выполнение.
Всем энтузиастам йоги рекомендую.



Yogini Masha Radha
An expert Svetlana Gorelovskaya
Yogini Masha Radha

Yogini Masha Radha

Short biography

Yogini Masha Radha is a high-specialized instructor in working with the body. She has studied and has been teaching for 21 years the: Ayurvedic Stretch, Divine Healing, TAO for face, Reiki, Yoga for eyes, Mudras and Breathing, Kundalini Yoga, mantras, Sound Healing, rehabilitation, work with pregnant women, Yoga Therapy, Tantra Yoga, etc.

Despite higher education of an absolutely different field, the yogini Masha Radha has found her mission in studying and teaching Classical Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.

Yoga is an amazing adventure, excellent intuition. “The experiences of inner oneself is always overwhelming. The study oneself is like peeling an onion. Each layer has a part of personality that causes tears as touching one’s ego is not a joke, it might be painful.” However, accepting oneself as “it is” is an invaluable experience to become happy. ” The studding and practice of The freedom of Osho, Maharishi Ramana silent way of guiding to the truth, The compassion and love for woman wisdom of Karma yogini Kanak Dji, The Egology of Maharshi Balyogi Premvarni, The direct guidance of Yogi Shri Govinda Niranjan etc., continues till now and reflected in the high- specialized instructor’s teaching.

An expert Svetlana Gorelovskaya

An expert Svetlana Gorelovskaya

How can she help you?

Svetlana Gorelovskaya’s skills and competence – first aid for everyone!

It is an expert of:

  • Massage and bodily-oriented therapy, a yoga practitioner. Loves the body and works with it at a high level;
  • Ancient female Slavic and oberezhnyh practices. Loves women and is always happy to work with them and help them;
  • Reiki and theta-healing. She works with energy greatly and adores it.

Svetlana Gorelovskaya is also a teacher of drawing at school, loves children and a job with them very much. She provides practical advice on “matrix of fate”, tarot, karma, runes. She is an excellent artist and psychologist, who loves to convey her feelings and emotions to the things one can see, and she loves to help people.


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